PayPal Deems Purchasing Islamic Art as Supporting Terrorism?

PayPal is refusing to transfer money for customers to a Sweden based Islamic Art Design Company. PayPal deemed the website as a terrorist website because it contains Islamic Art containing Arabic calligraphy and the word Allah. The Online company,, was created in 2017, with the thoughts of Scandinavian minimalism fused with Islamic Art.

Below is a photo that shows some of the art that the website sells.

According to a customer from Germany, PayPal refused  to take their payment for the website. They reached out to the PayPal branch based in Germany and the customer service rep the lady talked with said, “PayPal marked the website as a terrorist website because it contains the word Allah and contains Arabic.” The call center rep said they denied the payment because “buying that poster would be supporting terrorism.”

PayPal claims they deem the word Allah and Arabic calligraphy seen as dangerous. If they find it, they flag those websites as terrorist websites, it does not matter what they are selling. They are discriminating against Muslim business owners and artists.

The photo below is the photo the German customer tried to purchase. 

The website sells artistic prints, graphic designs, typography, and photography. SOME of the things they are selling are Islamic posters containing Arabic calligraphy.

The American and Swedish PayPal declined to respond.

*I have all legal rights to this article, anyone who would be writing about it besides me would be plagiarizing my idea.* 

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