5 reasons Why Coffee is Good for You!

There is nothing I love waking up in the morning and having a cup of coffee. Not only does it taste delicious, it gives me something to look forward to everyday.

I often hear people say that coffee is so bad for you and there is actually scientific proof to it being good for you. Maybe it is different when you put a lot of sugar in your coffee.  I have my coffee black or with a little cream and no sugar.

So what are some of the thing that you can benefit from having coffee? There are a lot but I am going to tell you 5 of them!

1. Coffee Make you Happy – literally!

There is a reason as to why I and many others feel happy after drinking a cup of joe! There is proof that coffee boosts dopamine levels and decreases depression!

2. Coffee Makes you Smarter!

As I mentioned, coffee can make you happier but it can also make you smarter! There have been many studies done that can improve reaction time, memory, attentiveness, etc.

3. Makes you Lose weight!

I am all about fitness and eating healthier. So, I have known this for awhile, that many physical trainers or health nuts like me tell you to drink coffee before a workout! 

Coffee helps burn fat and boosts your metabolism, and it gives you extra energy to get your through that workout!Coffee does this work without you  working out but if you really want to lose weight faster, drink coffee and workout! 

4. Conserves Your Heart

My grandma told me all my life how having coffee everyday is good for your heart, she said that about wine too. There are also several studies that prove having coffee protests you against heart failure, stroke, or cardiovascular. 

5. It will make you live longer!

It has been proven in several studies that drinking more coffee prolonged many deaths.

Keep in Mind that unfiltered coffee like, Turkish coffee, a french press, and Espresso is full of cholesterol and can raise your cholesterol levels. 


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