5 Ways to De-Stress

Some of us are constantly surrounded by things that are stress inducers. Either your boss is tough on you, your parents won’t stop fighting with you, etc. Stress can effect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. So I hope these small easy steps will help you get back on track to a stress free life.

Everyone wants to feel calm and happy in their life.

1. Exercise!

This is my number thing for a reason. 

I am not saying exercise like you are training for the Olympics 

but do something moderate.

When I used to be down in the dumps, exercise has always been that thing that makes me happy. An added bonus, more times often than not, you lose weight when you workout! 

If you don’t care about losing weight just think about your mental heath too. The endorphins you release from exercise are proven to make you happier. Exercise is also proven to be better than taking an anti-depressants!

2. Write a Journal

It is nice to write your thoughts down. Personally, it helps me to de-stress and figure things out in my life. Keeping a journal will help you keep track of your life too an can probably save you a trip to a therapist too. 

Believe it or not, when you write your thoughts down, you can actual figure things out in your life by yourself. 

If you are worried about someone finding it and reading it. Put it in a word document that is password protected.

3. Get Some Sleep! Zzzzz…..

Sleep is essential to de-stressing. 

I used to say, I can sleep when I am dead. Blah! That is true 
BUT that will not help you de-stress. 

It is preferred that you sleep, 7 or 8 hours. 7 hours is perfect for me! Try to fall asleep in a relaxing environment, so you wake up feeling the same way. That way you are not crabby the next day and you will feel at ease.

4. Try to Avoid Social Media for 20 Minutes!

I know this might be easier said than done because you are using social media as you read this. 

I know when I become stressed, I actually 
deactivate my Facebook for awhile. 

Your Facebook friends can wait for 20 minutes to have you back in their internet presence. Remind yourself that you don’t need to check these social media every two minutes, 20, or even an hour.  

5. When you Complete Something… Reward yourself!
If I accomplished something big, I spoil myself with a trip to TJ Maxx! If you can reward yourself, please do! You deserve to be rewarded and happy when you do something great! 

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