Avoiding Baised, One Sided News #nomorebiasnews

We often fall into the traps of the biased, one sided news, that show us what we want to hear and see. Even if it’s not true, it tears into our emotions and pulls on our heart strings. If effects our emotions to where we want to share our emotions with others.

So, we share the post on social media. We often do this before we even read the whole article. Some of us just look at the article title and share it. (That also spreads false news and satire.) Though that’s not my problem. I am a writer and avid reader, I read the articles before I post but I still fall into the trap of following bias media. Even though I fall into the bias following of social media pages, media platforms, etc., who are for or appose whom I like and dislike.

It’s a habit I want to break and we all should break!

After seeing our last election, I have seen far too much bias in the news. I’m talking to both sides of the field, conservatives and liberals, stop sharing and following biased news and social platforms. Let’s start a trend, a non-bias media movement.  From this point out, I will be trying my best to posting and reading from non-bias news sources, like The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, just to name a couple.

Do your research!

Start the trend by sharing the hashtag, #nomorebiasnews


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