Banning the Burkini Will Lead to Radicalization

Muslim People are in a bad position in France. The French government thinks that dressing modest is what makes people radical. The only thing making people radical are when they are oppressed and treated like crap. So why do they keep oppressing Muslims when oppressing is what leads to radicalization? It seems like the people in France’s government are uneducated about Islam and are ignorant.

Don’t say if they don’t like it they can go home! Many of Muslims were born in western countries when other ones are from countries that were destroyed by wars that that western countries were also a part of. If you are going to destroy someone’s home and country. Don’t expect them to stay there, rot, and die! That’s inhumane. 

Maybe France seems to be scared of reverse Culturalization?

Reverse Culturization is a idea I came up with. It’s when a nation state is having a higher amount of people coming to your country with a different culture or religion and the state is worried those people will change the state with their culture or religion.

Banning the Burkini is the Wrong thing to do!

First and foremost, woman wear the scarf and dress modest for God and their religion not because of culture. Believe it are not, Muslims will not throw their religion on you, especially if you let them practice freely. They literally want to adapt in everyday to the western culture but they still want to be able practice their religion. Maybe people think Muslims are throwing their religion on others because they practice it. People in the west can defame someone of their culture all they want but religion is often something you can’t take away. When you continually try to change or oppress someone, it will only bite you in the butt. You can pry ad pry but eventually, something bad will happen. The Italian minister even says banning the burkini is only provoking terrorism.

You can still live in a western society and still dress modest. You oppress someone when you don’t let them dress a certain way.

So now people come to your country seeking refuge and you try to be little them. If you want to be open to taking people into your country. You need to be somewhat open minded. Dressing modest is part of any Abrahamic religion. I feel bad for the other woman in the west who feel subjugated to think they have to dress half naked when they go to the beach or even walk around in public. If a woman is happy being in a bikini let her do it, if a woman is happy dressed in a Burkini let her do it. Letting someone dress modest will not harm anyone, I don’t understand how people don’t understand that.

Burkini Photo