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Eid Holiday and Ramadan Decor By Modern Wall

When I was Christian, the most memorable thing about the Christian holidays was decorating for them. It was always a beautiful Tradition to go and get a Christmas tree. We would go to the woods and pick the biggest tree we could find. (We have high sealings in my childhood home.) Then we would get

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Review of Modern Wall Art Grand Opening in Bridgeview, IL

I walked into the event of the Bridgeview location of Modern Wall Art and I was welcomed by smiling faces, asking if I needed assistance. They were all very attentive. The art on the walls was beautiful and all individually designed and put together. The designs varied from stainless steel to wood.  The designs are

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I Came to Know Love (عرفت الهوى ) By Rabia Basri (or Rabia Al-Adawiyya)

This is probably one of my favorite poems. To hear it recited, may have you in tears. (English translated version on the bottom.) عرفت الهوى عرفت الهوى من عرفت هواك و أغلقت قلبي عمن عداك     و قمت أناجيك يا من ترى   خفايا القلوب و لسنا نراك أحبك حبين حب الهوى و حبا لأنك أهل

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