CoverGirl’s Newest Ambassador is a Muslim?!

CoverGirl’s newest ambassador is a muslim beauty blogger, 

Nura Afia, or better known as on social media, nuralailalov or babylailalov.

I have been following her on YouTube before I even converted to Islam. She drew me into her youtube channel by being humorous, down-to-earth, and humble. Also, she is really good at doing makeup.

Tuesday, Afia took photos with fans at a CoverGirl event in NYC Times Square and watched the unveiling on the video billboard. I wasn’t there in person but I saw it from the video that she posted on her Instagram. 

She was excited, just as many people are excited for her.

There is not just one type of beauty, there are several types and everyone sees beauty in a different way. 
CoverGirl is spreading diversity with it’s other new ambassadors, it is showing beauty in every way. 

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