First 2016 President Debate with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

I wanted Bernie Sanders to be debating on that stage tonight BUT unfortunately I, and many of us have to move on. Though I was never a republican or a democrat, I still remain a non-partisan voter. It is time to focus on the situation at hand. 

Yes, it is bad what the DNC did to Sanders but it will not be worse than what Trump would be as president if we do not vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

I will not vote for someone whom is xenophobic and promotes racism.

I will not vote for someone who promotes violence against minorities: blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc.

I will not vote for a misogynist who judges women in the worst possible way. I will not vote for someone who has such a short temper to be in charge of our nuclear weapons.

I will not vote for someone who does not pay their own taxes! 

I would like to comment, Donald Trump would not own up to being a racist tonight in the debate. He would not own up against his hate speech against Muslims. He would not own up to discriminating against blacks. He did however bluntly mention that he supports unconstitutional police laws that discriminate against blacks and Hispanics.

As usual, Trump lost his cool tonight and his words turned into verbal diarrhea. Trump is not to be trusted as our commander and chief. You need to handle those situation in a intelligent motionless demeanor. Even though trump said he has a winning temperament, as he stated in an un-calm agitated way.

 He has continuously said sexist and disrespectful comments towards and about women his entire life. He even managed to do it tonight, live, during the debate! Trump says “”I’m not a sexist” but I am going to bash Rosie O’donnell and say Hilary doesn’t look good enough to be president.” To me, I never understand how any woman could vote for Trump.

Lastly, Trump said on the debate tonight that he was “being smart” by not paying taxes! Why do we have to pay taxes and he doesn’t? How is he better than the rest of us Americans?

How could anyone possibly want a president like that?

To see more about what was said in the debate tonight, check out what I live tweeted during the debate on my twitter, which is @GravitterBo.

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