How the Supreme Court’s Muslim Ban Ruling Validated Trump’s Islamophobic Rhetoric

Muslim parents are having to explain to their children how a president and the highest court in the country can get away with banning people just because of their faith. Muslim parents are having to explain to their kids that Islamophobia is now embedded in all of the levels of our society.This travel ban being implemented will give more people the idea that they have free reign to be discriminatory and racist against Muslims.

I am not solely blaming the Trump administration for this decision, I am also calling out the GOP majority supreme court justices who voted in favor for this decision because it is unconstitutional for clearing opposing freedom of religion. They do not understand the backlash that Muslims in this country will continue face.

The supreme court passed Trump’s long awaited for, travel ban. Which Trump even coined on the campaign trail as the “Muslim ban”. The supreme court judges who ruled in favor of the ban, ignored the previous Muslim bans that were attempted to be passed. They also completely undermined the rhetoric from Donald Trump’s campaign when he stated that wanted to have a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering into the United States. As of today, Trump is one step closer to achieving his goal.

The initial travel ban started out with seven Muslim majority countries and has dwindled down to Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. The two non-Muslim countries added, North Korea and Venezuela, only attempted to mask the ban from what it really is, a Muslim ban. (Though not all of Venezuelans are banned, only a few selected officials from the Venezuelan government.) It started off as a Muslim ban, so it will always be a Muslim ban.

Supreme Court Judge, John Roberts declared the final ban that was passed as being non-discriminatory. He stated this by overlooking all of the anti-Muslim comments Trump has said in the past and still continues to say. Roberts also ignored that the original form of the Muslim ban specifically listed Seven Muslim-Majority countries, which outright exempted non-Muslim people of those countries.

Situations like this are why our founding fathers created a checks and balances system. So since this was passed by the supreme court, it is up to Congress to reverse Trump’s Muslim ban. If congress does not do anything, then that shows just how much our government officials care about the Muslims residing in America and Muslim’s family members residing abroad. We can expect to see more hate crimes against Muslims as the Supreme Court validated anti-Muslim laws and Islamophobic rhetoric.


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