How To Be A Successful Indie Author

Don’t expect overnight success from being an indie or self-published author. You have to work for it and in this article, I am going to show you how I became a successful debut published author.

Build Your Network

Build your network way before you are published. As I was writing my debut novel, I was working as a journalist and blogger. This may have given me a leg up on things but my writing history is not what sold my books. I did. While I was writing my novel I was trying to raise my social media following and I still am. I started with Instagram. I made some friends and became a part of a good support group. I also met some awesome writers that helped me grow my network and took interest in me.

Sell Yourself

You have to pretend you are a salesperson, but you are selling yourself. You are a literary prostitute. When you become an author, you become your own brand and have to sell yourself. You have to make people want to put your books on their shelves. You have to make people want you to come to their store to do a book signing or a reading. You have to make people want to write an article about you. Show that you are unique and one of a kind!

Never say no to any opportunity

There will come times when you are given opportunities that you don’t find to be the most appealing to you but an opportunity is an opportunity, take it! Because any opportunity is an opportunity, just like all publicity is good publicity.

Be Persistence

Like I stated before, you have to make people want you. You will have to follow up with bookstores or places that want you to do readings. You will even have to annoy some people to get yourself out there but that is how you become successful. You don’t become a successful writer by sitting behind your laptop and praying success will fall at your feet. I didn’t get book signings at Barnes and Nobles and other bookstores by doing nothing. I didn’t get speaking engagements by doing nothing. I worked my tail off and I still am.


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