Just So You Know Where I Stand

I want to reassure people of my stances on things going on in the world and the muslim community. I don’t support any form of oppression. It doesn’t matter if it’s hijab. I don’t support when hijab is forced to be worn or not worn, by people of countries (France/Germany/Iran/Saudi Arabia) in general. I don’t support China or Mianmar for how they treat Muslims. I don’t support Saudi Arabia for a multitude of reasons (what they do to yeminis is a prime example. I don’t support Israel for how they treat Palestinians. I am strongly against hate against Black/African Americans and Asian Americans, especially how black Muslims are treated in the muslim Community. I care for many causes and I am passionate about many things. I try to share that through my posts or Instagram. I believe I am very vocal about what I do and do not support. However, I am open to dialogue and I’m always here to learn from all sides.


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