Muslim Youth of Panama City Bring Food and Gift Cards to Local TSA Agents

On Monday evening of January 28, 2019, the Youth of Bay County Islamic Society (BCIS) brought food, gift cards, and drinks, to the Panama City – Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport’s TSA agents. They did this to acknowledge the hard work the of the TSA and what other government paid workers do.

This started off as a BCIS Shutdown Relief, a campaign organized by the Youth of Bay County Islamic Society to help provide relief to struggling TSA workers.

The Youth of BCIS wished to respond to hardship with hope, as Islam instructs Muslims to do. It is the duty of Muslims to send a message of compassion through action. Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) said: “Show mercy to those on earth, and the One in Heaven will show mercy to you.” He also taught that one should never delay payments for an honest day’s work: “Give workers their wages before their sweat dries.” [Source: Ibn Majah]

It is a great way for the Muslim Community to represent and shed light on the morals that the religion of Islam encompasses. Which is showing compassion, generosity, and love to others, regardless of their religion.

The youth organizer of BCIS, Basheer Abdeen, said, The youth organizer of BCIS, Basheer Abdeen, said,

“Thanks to God. We were able to put a smile on their faces! TSA workers are struggling!”

Though the government shutdown is coming to an end, TSA and all government employees have gone without pay for the last 35 days. While they wait, the Muslim Youth in Panama City, like many muslims throughout the U.S. are making sure federal workers are fed.

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