Open letter to Bernie Sanders: We still love you!

After the democratic convention I have been thinking about Bernie Sanders and the impact he had on all of us.  Even if you hate him, he still managed to up the amount of voters, young and old! He talked at the DNC convention in such a sophisticated way even after the DNC treated him in a bad way, by trying to bring him down! I have the utmost respect for that man. I remember I started supporting him last summer because that is the first I heard about him! As many of you now, the news is biased, they either post about who pays them more or who they like more!
My Letter to Bernie Sanders:

Dear Bernie,

Please wait until the next race and run again! Do not give up on us because we did not give up on you! In school I studied political science, which made me come to the realization of the corruption in the political sphere. You called people out for that! You changed the political arena by making people really care about what is going on in this country by putting a fire under everyone’s feet. You spoke for the minorities, the poor, and the unheard! You actually care about us, we are not just votes to you, we are all individual voices, who you want to be heard. You taught us to not sit back and be quiet like the status quo! You reminded us to love everyone, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual orientation!  You reminded us how we are all equal. You called out our government for letting the huge cooperations, wall street, and big banks being the core of corruption in this country. I know you would be different, I know you wouldn’t let people lobby you into doing bad things. You proved you wouldn’t let anyone’s money persuade you! You could be a real father for our nation! You showed proof that there is a chance for political reform in this country! 

I hope people realize that a vote for Trump would still be a vote for racism, a vote for the anti-semitism your own family faced! Oh Bernie, I hope people do not vote for trump! I hope our nation is smarter than that! I know Hilary is not the best either but she is better than that misogynist orange man! I just hope that you do not lose hope and you run for the next election because I know we will still need you after this election and we will need you during this next four years too. You are the only hope we have right now in this country!  I have no idea if you will read this but I hope so! Please know, we still are here for you and are in support of you! So, Bernie Sanders for president in 2020?

We love you, Bernie! 

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