Open Letter to Donald Trump about Rohingya Muslims

Dear Donald Trump,

I just saw your speech that you made at the UN yesterday, about how the UN should be doing a better job, and essentially, to put America first. I am not saying that our country is not important but we are a very privileged democratic nation. We are being too selfish. There are people suffering all over the world that should be getting attention first. You need to do something, it doesn’t have to be anything drastic.

Do something that you are good at and is easy for you: Speak up about it.

I know you don’t hold anything back Donald. I read your tweets.

So, I would like you to speak up against what is going on in Myanmar, to the Rohingya Muslims. There are currently 1.1 million Rohingya who live in Myanmar, a Southeast Asian country, with many now fleeing to Bangladesh. They are trying to avoid being killed, raped, or burned alive. The UN attempted to enter into the country but their leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, would not allow them to enter. If I was you, I would declare to the UN that we have to put sanctions on Myanmar. Pledge that the UN should send aid to Myanmar. Tell Ms. Suu Kyi that she needs to acknowledge what is going on and put an end to this. Say you will send troops to help protect the Rohingya. Be a leader and role model to other nations.

Donald, do or say something.

We, the United States of America, are a world leader, we need to speak up when times are trying for others, especially when it involves another democratic country. Myanmar is supposed to be a democracy, it is in our best interest to speak up when another democracy is not doing their job or killing innocent people. We need to speak up when a military power is in control in a “democratic” nation. We need to speak up when people are being burned alive. We need to speak up when innocent people are being raped, killed, burned to death. We must speak when there is ethnic cleansing going on. We must speak for the voiceless.

Now it is time to your part.

Yours Truly,

Kaya Gravitter



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