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“Why I converted to Islam — and, no, it wasn’t for marriage”
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“An American Muslim Guide In The Aftermath Of National Tragedy”

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This is How an Inspiring American Filmmaker Started Breaking Stereotypes.

How I Remember the Holocaust as a German American Muslim Woman Today

6 Things That Are Important To Understand How Muslim Converts Feel Sometimes

CoverGirl’s Newest Ambassador Proves That Beauty Is Diverse

This Is How The Producer of Mr. Robot Is Changing The Face of Hollywood

Why Aziz Ansari Calling out Donald Trump Matters

Fighting Xenophobia: These People Are Welcoming Refugees Into Their Homes

“Eid Is One Of The Most Depressing Days For Me” – How Some Converts Experience Eid

Holy Sound

Muslim Girl

5 Things I’m Most Thankful For As a Convert

This Little Girl Had Nightmares About Trump & She’s Not That Far off From Reality 

There’s Now a Barekini? And Is it Actually for Sale?

There’s Now a Fatwa Hotline for Women Run by Muslim Sheikhas

How This Muslim Convert Lost 44 Pounds in Her Weight Loss Journey

Guest Blogger

The Feeling of Christmas as a Muslim Convert

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