Review of Modern Wall Art Grand Opening in Bridgeview, IL

I walked into the event of the Bridgeview location of Modern Wall Art and I was welcomed by smiling faces, asking if I needed assistance. They were all very attentive. The art on the walls was beautiful and all individually designed and put together. The designs varied from stainless steel to wood. 

The designs are made from ayat (sentences) and surahs (chapters) from the Quran and Arabic prayers and words. One of his works of art really stuck out to me at the event. It is a design of the last four surahs of the Quran. It took 6 months for him to make and that is hard work and dedication I admire. 


How did Modern Wall Art come to be? I talked with Syed Rahman, who goes by Saif, the man behind the business. Saif said he was remodeling his home and he was looking to buy modern art that was Islamic, to decorate his home. He couldn’t find art like that anywhere. After months of looking, he decided to make some modern Islamic art of his own. The art Saif had designed for his home blew away the guests of his home. Since then, everything has been growing.

Modern Wall Art has been successfully designing 3D decor and making stainless steel art and furniture for over 10 years. Every item is 100% handmade and the designs are made by them as well. So, they are authentic and one of a kind. 

After admiring the art on the walls and thinking of how I followed his work from when he had a small following, I was wondering how has he had such success from his business.  Saif said he has no secret to success but to “chase the barakah (blessings), not the money.” I talked with him toward the end of the opening and was immediately in aw of how humble he is. He wants to work with other artists. He’s not in the business for the money. He says he’s in it for the “barakah-blessings.” He helps others from the money he makes and he uses his platform to help make other businesses and artists successful. The location I was at had art from several local Muslim artists. He also is selling items from the jewelry brand Nominal.  I’m sure money is a nice incentive for the business but you can tell he’s in it for much more.

The beautiful thing about the event I attended is that so many businesses came together to make this event a success. Local businesses were donating food and gifts for goody bags. I also saw so many people came out to support his business. I hope to see more Muslims supporting other Muslim owned businesses. 

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