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Who Has it Worse, Converts or Born Muslims?

I recently came across a post on social media where a born Muslim stated that,  “A lot of times I come across reverts/converts, who swear that born and raised Muslims have a leg up, are ungrateful, and just take Islam for granted” Being a convert myself, I personally have never said that born Muslims have

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American Hijabi Muslim Discriminated Against At a DMV in Southwestern United States

I am posting this on behalf of another convert who has reached out to me. She is Latin American. “I was in the southwest of the United States. I am living in very harsh conditions, I don’t know where to begin or decide which is worse. The extreme heat that can go up to 125

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Why are Muslims Upset About MAC’s New Ramadan Ad?

Recently MAC posted a ramadan-inspired tutorial on social media titled, “Get ready for a glamorous Suhoor look in a few easy steps.” The ad was supposed to reach to it’s Muslim’s viewers. Many Muslims took to social media, trolling the cosmetic brand because they tried to commercialize on Ramadan without doing their research about something

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Weight Gain From Fasting, During Ramadan? Here Are Ways to Avoid It.

Ramadan is the time of year where Muslims from all around the world fast for one month, give to charity, and feed the hungry.  The fast is to remind us, Muslims, of those less fortunate and who go starving on a regular basis. I know that may be hard to believe because when you usually

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Why Won’t You Marry A Divorced Woman?

I want to talk about the problem of men not wanting to marry divorced women or their families not allowing it. There are many divorced women. It is not easy or sometimes even possible for some Muslim Women to remarry after divorce.As ignorant as it may sound, some people do not even know that marrying

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Being Black and Muslim in the U.S.

This article is to teach you about the Black Muslim experience. One thing I see happening in the world is too much racism. People are hated for their race, religion, etc. Some of the worst racism I have seen is aimed towards our Black brothers and sisters. This should be unacceptable to all humans and

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Muslim Men Being Extra Friendly in Your DM’s

Ever wake up in the morning with messages from random guys in your DM’s (social media – direct messages)? These direct messages can vary all the way from a marriage proposal, how you should dress, how you should act, how you should feel as a convert, or them asking you if you know any single converts

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Muslim teen Killed in The U.S. During Ramadan Prayers #JUSTICEFORNABRA

Say her name, Nabra Hassanen. Today I write in mourning. Between Saturday and Sunday, there was a white terrorist who ran over Muslims in London after taraweeh (ramadan prayers). Then in the United States, a teenage Muslim was beaten to death, near her masjid (mosque) between the Ramadan prayers. (Though both situations sadden me immensely, I

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Discriminated Against For Being Muslim In My Political Science Class

I was in my senior year of my Under-Grad when I first faced open discrimination for being Muslim. I was running for president for an in-class assimilation and I lost, to the person who had no experience and happened to not be Muslim.The process was identical to how our last election process went. We had

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