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See Why This Muslim Man Wants to Marry Only A Convert

I know of many Muslims who refuse to marry, or let their children marry, out of their own culture or race. However, everyone has a specific person to who they would like to marry. I am always posting from my point of view or what converts have to say. This post shows one man’s want

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The Best Advice I Recieved Before Converting to Islam

After studying the religion of Islam for 1.5 years, I was ready to read the Quran in its entirety. I asked a convert sister if I could borrow her Quran to read it. I also told her I was interested in converting to Islam. As she handed me the Quran, she gave me the best

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Partying Serbian Girl Converts to Islam and Family Disowns Her

This is the first story I will share in my “Muslim Convert Horror Stories Series”. I want to share stories that Converts have faced by Muslims or Non-Muslims. No one has done this yet. I want convert stories and voices to be heard. This is a two part story about a convert in Serbia. The

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