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Converting to Islam for Love? Here’s words from a Muslim Convert of Why You Shouldn’t. Article By: Ameerah Nahal

Though I, Kaya, do not care a women’s reason for converting to Islam. If you are Muslim, you are Muslim. If you are not, if you are not. It is none of my business. However, I would not personally convert for a man because I love God more than anything on this earth and the

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See Why This Muslim Man Wants to Marry Only A Convert

I know of many Muslims who refuse to marry, or let their children marry, out of their own culture or race. However, everyone has a specific person to who they would like to marry. I am always posting from my point of view or what converts have to say. This post shows one man’s want

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8 Steps on How To Tell your Family You Are a Muslim

I know there are many ways that you can tell your family you are Muslim. I know that you should not do what I did and wait. I waited as long as I could. I tried to avoid the topic of religion as much as I could. I was even able to hide I was

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Convert from Scotland Tells First Experiences While Muslim

I will keep my born name private but the name I chose when I became Muslim is Amira. I became Muslim in November 2012, but I’d read the Quran during August 2012. I then spent time researching as I didn’t want to later find something as a surprise which would change my thoughts. My determination

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Part II Serbian Orthodox Family Tries to Force Muslim Daughter to Be Nun

Part II This is the first story I am sharing in my “Muslim Convert Horror Stories Series.” This is a two-part story about a convert in Serbia. The first part will cover her experience prior to Islam, when she was partying all of the time. The second part will cover her life after Islam. The

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What Do I Look Like to You?

Though I am an American born convert to Islam, a lot of people still ask me what my ethnicity is or where I came from. With my choice to wear the headscarf, it is obvious that I look Muslim but they still cannot tell what my ethnicity is. Non-Muslims assume that I am not from

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