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Melania Trump Trolled Us With the Pussy-bow

At the second 2016 presidential debate, Melania made a fashion statement. It was either ironic on a form of silent protesting. She wore a fuchsia colored Gucci pussy-bow silk crepe de chine shirt. The internet world, especially twitter, definitely did not miss the “pussy-bow” situation.  Following her husband’s crude comments from the “Trump Tapes” about grabbing a woman

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U.S. 60 Billion Dollar Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia

Like most visits President Barack Obama makes, we find out about it in the news, either before or when it is happening. In late April 2016, Obama made a trip to Saudi Arabia that no one knew about and there is a big reason for it. It was not in the Saudi Arabian media either.

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U.S. Coalition Brings Kurds and Turks Together to Destroy Daesh (ISIS)

For the purpose of this article I will refer to the So-called Islamic state, as Daesh. I do not believe that they have the right to be called Islamic and also, they hate being called Daesh. It is the term used to call the so-called islamic state in Arabic also, the so-called Islamic State has

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