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Muslim Businesses You Should Definitely Be Buying From

I am writing this post because I try hard to support Muslim or minority-owned companies whenever I can, but the problem is that these companies are a lot harder to find. With a google search, you are only limited to certain brands. So, this post is for people like me, that want to purchase from

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Why are Muslims Upset About MAC’s New Ramadan Ad?

Recently MAC posted a ramadan-inspired tutorial on social media titled, “Get ready for a glamorous Suhoor look in a few easy steps.” The ad was supposed to reach to it’s Muslim’s viewers. Many Muslims took to social media, trolling the cosmetic brand because they tried to commercialize on Ramadan without doing their research about something

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5 Pillars of Islam

Not everyone knows what the five pillars of Islam are. They are the five things that you have to do in this life to be a Muslim.1. Shahadah – Declare Your Faith You have to take your Shahadah – Declare your faith. You have to declare that there is no God but God and that

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