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Why Immigrants Should Reconsider Coming to Florida Right Now

I am writing this to inform you of the reality that is taking place in the United States. I am not writing this article in hopes to scare anyone or invoke fear. ICE and this current administration are the only ones invoking fear. I am writing this article because I wholeheartedly believe that Florida is

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Muslim Youth Rally in Panama City, FL – Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 17th, 2016 CONTACT: Muslim Youth Advisor-Elma Ahmed, 850-376-9646, muslimyouthpc@gmail.com Muslim Youth Rally in Panama City Panama City, FL —Members of the Muslim Youth–Panama City (MY-PC), today, will urge U.S. Elected Officials, the UN, and the world to call for an immediate action to ensure a ceasefire in Aleppo, Syria, to have civilians

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