U.S. 60 Billion Dollar Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia

Like most visits President Barack Obama makes, we find out about it in the news, either before or when it is happening. In late April 2016, Obama made a trip to Saudi Arabia that no one knew about and there is a big reason for it. It was not in the Saudi Arabian media either.Continue reading “U.S. 60 Billion Dollar Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia”

Amal Clooney Wants to Sue ISIS(Daesh)

Amal Clooney has recently made comments that she wants to take the terrorist organization, the So-Called Islamic State (Daesh) to court and sue them. She wants to force Daesh to take responsibility for how they have been treating the Yazidi people. The Yazidi are a religious form of the Kurdish ethnicity whom are in parts of Iraq and Syria.Continue reading “Amal Clooney Wants to Sue ISIS(Daesh)”