Muslims Being Compared to Terrorists

Think of how many people there are in the world. Then think of how every single one of those people are different. Not all Hindus are the exact same person. Not all Christians are the exact same person. You cannot compare a whole group to one individual. That is pure ignorance. So, how are allContinue reading “Muslims Being Compared to Terrorists”

Amal Clooney Wants to Sue ISIS(Daesh)

Amal Clooney has recently made comments that she wants to take the terrorist organization, the So-Called Islamic State (Daesh) to court and sue them. She wants to force Daesh to take responsibility for how they have been treating the Yazidi people. The Yazidi are a religious form of the Kurdish ethnicity whom are in parts of Iraq and Syria.Continue reading “Amal Clooney Wants to Sue ISIS(Daesh)”