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8 Steps on How To Tell your Family You Are a Muslim

I know there are many ways that you can tell your family you are Muslim. I know that you should not do what I did and wait. I waited as long as I could. I tried to avoid the topic of religion as much as I could. I was even able to hide I was

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Partying Serbian Girl Converts to Islam and Family Disowns Her

This is the first story I will share in my “Muslim Convert Horror Stories Series”. I want to share stories that Converts have faced by Muslims or Non-Muslims. No one has done this yet. I want convert stories and voices to be heard. This is a two part story about a convert in Serbia. The

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Muslim Convert Stories Needed (DM ME)

Salam All and Hello!Muslim Converts,  wants your voice and story to be hard to better help or family see how they are treating us? Teach born Muslims how they can better help converts, new and old?I will be starting a new series called “Muslim Convert Horror Stories”.I want to share stories that Converts have faced

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