Why Are We Not Allowed to Mourn Mass Shootings Against Us?

I’m sickened by what happened at the Christ Church New Zealand Mosque shooting. Some non-Muslims, Australian Senator, Fraser Anning, as an example to be just one of the many people on social media and Twitter that keep justifying and saying it’s Islam’s fault. How could this be the fault of Islam? The guy is notContinue reading “Why Are We Not Allowed to Mourn Mass Shootings Against Us?”

Now Serving, Kabob with a Side of European Racism

First the Niqab, now European politicians, like Robert Menard, are wanting to ban kabobs. Since entering politics, his rhetoric has been full of anti-immigrant and Islamophobic hate speech. The anti-kabob hate speech started in November of 2015 when Menard ranted against kabob restaurants in his city, on French television. Menard has been the mayor of BeziersContinue reading “Now Serving, Kabob with a Side of European Racism”

Discriminated Against For Being Muslim In My Political Science Class

I was in my senior year of my Under-Grad when I first faced open discrimination for being Muslim. I was running for president for an in-class assimilation and I lost, to the person who had no experience and happened to not be Muslim.The process was identical to how our last election process went. We hadContinue reading “Discriminated Against For Being Muslim In My Political Science Class”

Hate Crimes: Be on Alert!

The overwhelming amount of hate crimes I see growing on a daily basis is sickening.  The majority of hate crimes I see are against Muslims. Again, I blame these hate crimes on the rhetoric from this election.Here are Some Recent Ones: Woman Attacks Two Muslim Sisters Walking with a Baby Thursday September 8th, a New York City woman, EmirjetaContinue reading “Hate Crimes: Be on Alert!”

Why Are the Famous Muslims Silent?!

Recently I wrote an article for online news publication about Aziz Ansari. The article I wrote was in relation to a article where Ansari wrote an open letter in the New York times, calling out trump for his xenophobic rhetoric… So it lead me to this question, why are more famous people in America withContinue reading “Why Are the Famous Muslims Silent?!”