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Melania Trump Trolled Us With the Pussy-bow

At the second 2016 presidential debate, Melania made a fashion statement. It was either ironic on a form of silent protesting. She wore a fuchsia colored Gucci pussy-bow silk crepe de chine shirt. The internet world, especially twitter, definitely did not miss the “pussy-bow” situation.  Following her husband’s crude comments from the “Trump Tapes” about grabbing a woman

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Hate Crimes: Be on Alert!

The overwhelming amount of hate crimes I see growing on a daily basis is sickening.  The majority of hate crimes I see are against Muslims. Again, I blame these hate crimes on the rhetoric from this election.Here are Some Recent Ones: Woman Attacks Two Muslim Sisters Walking with a Baby Thursday September 8th, a New York City woman, Emirjeta

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Why Are the Famous Muslims Silent?!

Recently I wrote an article for online news publication about Aziz Ansari. The article I wrote was in relation to a article where Ansari wrote an open letter in the New York times, calling out trump for his xenophobic rhetoric… So it lead me to this question, why are more famous people in America with

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Open letter to Bernie Sanders: We still love you!

After the democratic convention I have been thinking about Bernie Sanders and the impact he had on all of us.  Even if you hate him, he still managed to up the amount of voters, young and old! He talked at the DNC convention in such a sophisticated way even after the DNC treated him in

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