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How I Remember the Holocaust as a German American Muslim Woman Today

My great grandparents came to the United States from Germany right before World War II started. They did not like what Germany was turning into and were scared of what it would become. For this reason, I spent most of my childhood learning about the history of World War II. At home, we would watch documentaries

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First 2016 President Debate with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

I wanted Bernie Sanders to be debating on that stage tonight BUT unfortunately I, and many of us have to move on. Though I was never a republican or a democrat, I still remain a non-partisan voter. It is time to focus on the situation at hand. Yes, it is bad what the DNC did to Sanders but it

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U.S. 60 Billion Dollar Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia

Like most visits President Barack Obama makes, we find out about it in the news, either before or when it is happening. In late April 2016, Obama made a trip to Saudi Arabia that no one knew about and there is a big reason for it. It was not in the Saudi Arabian media either.

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