The Dua Journal: The Power of Writing through Prayer

I have been journaling since I was 10 years old and it has been something that has always made me feel less stressed and relaxed me. If you are facing a difficult problem, sometimes it is just best to talk about it or write it down. I know in the Muslim community,unfortunately, a lot of us do not talk about our problems or our life to anyone. So, the best thing to do in times of trouble, is talk to God (Allah) and make dua. Dua is a prayer that can be memorized or just you talking freely to God. However, I am better at writing what I want to say, instead of speaking it. So, as soon as I found out about The Dua Journal,  I wanted to get it. This is because it gives me the ability to enable two of my passions; Islam and writing. Also, I am all for empowering Muslim women…. and anything that gives me another excuse to write.

With The Dua Journal, it is your chance to write down whatever you want to say. For all of you people out there who like to journal like me, this is a perfect way for you to reflect spiritually, and reflect on who you are. If you are not even spiritual but want to grow more in your religion, this is a perfect solution for you as well.

I have teamed up with The Dua Journal to be an affiliate for the product. This is a product I really believe in. This book helped me everyday during Ramadan and always keeps me on track. If my iman(faith) is ever low, the Quran, and The Dua Journal, are two things that are always there to lift me back up. You can write down your own dua. If you can’t think of anything to write about, or make dua for that day, The Dua Journal offers a new insightful dua for you everyday.

This journal also brought me closer to God. It is that time once a day when I really reflect on who as I am as a person. Who you are is important. Somedays I have to force myself to write in it but it is worth it because the more you are consistent in your life, the better person you will become.

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