The Rights of A Wife in Islam

Often Muslim women, converts in particular, are unaware of their rights as a wife, before and even after they are married. This is partly because many converts do not have a wali. In Islam, a wali is someone who protects, cares for, provides knowledge, and fights on her behalf. To a born Muslim, they are typically the father, grandfather or, brother (a mahram). A wali must be a Muslim, so if the wife has no Muslim relative, a qadi may function as a wali. A qadi is someone who judges or makes an Islamic decision.

All of these rights apply to all women, no matter how rich or poor the wife is.

The Husband Has No Rights to Anything that Belongs to the Wife

What’s his money is hers to use and what’s her money and property is only hers.

What Must a Muslim Husband Provide to Their Wife?

While you are married your husband must provide you shelter, clothes, food, etc., equally or more to what he would provide for himself.

Muslim wives have no financial responsibility. A woman in Islam does not, at any time in her life, have any financial obligations. Before marriage, it is the duty of the father or the brother to pay for a place for her to live, her clothes, food, etc. Even if the Woman works, the money is hers only and she does not need to spend it on anything or anyone.

Muslim Wives Don’t Have to Cook, Work, or Clean

Islamically, Muslim wives don’t have to work, pay for anything or clean the house. If a wife does so of her own free will, then it will bring many blessings for the wife.

What Did the Quran (Word of God) and Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) say about how a Muslim Husband Should Treat his Wife?

In Quran, the chapter titled The Woman (An-Nisa) verse 19, states “and live with them honourably.”

Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) said: “I urge you to treat women well.” and “The best of you is the one who is best to his wife, and I am the best of you to my wives.”

Wives Must Get a Gift For Marriage:

In Islam, the bride and her family are not obligated to give a gift to the groom. However, the groom must present the bride with a marriage gift. This gift is considered her property, not her families or the husband, even if the couple divorces. The husband is only allowed something in the form of a gift, if she allows it.  

In Quran 4:4, it states, “And give the women [upon marriage] their [bridal] gifts graciously. But if they give up willingly to you anything of it, then take it in satisfaction and ease.”

If a Muslim Wife Has Children..

The husband is the only one that must provide for the children. However, she may do so, if she wishes.. Spouses do inherit from one another.

The Woman Does Not Need to Change her Last Name

When a woman marries, her last name is not changed, unless she would want to but it is not recommended.

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