U.S. 60 Billion Dollar Arms Deal with Saudi Arabia

Like most visits President Barack Obama makes, we find out about it in the news, either before or when it is happening. In late April 2016, Obama made a trip to Saudi Arabia that no one knew about and there is a big reason for it. It was not in the Saudi Arabian media either.

Just now, the media is talking about this trip. There was a bill passing around congress that would allow people to sue Saudi Arabian Officials for 9/11 BUT it would also allow people to sue the United States. Just yesterday, Friday, September 24th, Obama vetoed this bill. Is this all a coincidence? I highly doubt it. I am sure it had something to do with this arms deal.

One thing that America does, and other super powers, like Russia, take advantage of war. It doesn’t matter who dies or lives to these people. To super powers and harsh business men, war means money. 

There is a war going on in Yemen and it is far more complicated then we understand. What it easy to understand is that Saudi Arabia wants to protect itself from Yemen BUT they do not care about the innocent people in Yemen that they are killing in the process. The innocent children whom are dying and malnourished. 

This picture shows who the real victims of a war are. The innocent. Yemen is close to being in the time of a famine.

There are 370,000 children in Yemen that are starving, while the Saudi Arabian royal family throws expensive parties, buys expensive cars, and eats dinner off their gold plates. 

I am not just blaming Saudi Arabia, or the U.S. I am calling out all the people in the world that make a lot of money from War. Ones life is priceless, you cannot buy back innocent lives or people fighting for a cause that doesn’t even need to be fought for. A huge example of this is the Iraq war.

If Saudi Arabia wants to defend itself from the opposing forces in Yemen, they should at least be sending the innocent people aid. 

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