U.S. Coalition Brings Kurds and Turks Together to Destroy Daesh (ISIS)

For the purpose of this article I will refer to the So-called Islamic state, as Daesh. I do not believe that they have the right to be called Islamic and also, they hate being called Daesh. It is the term used to call the so-called islamic state in Arabic also, the so-called Islamic State has threatened to cut out the tongues of anyone it hears using the term.

Before I get into the Title of my article, let me give a short summary of the ongoing Kurdish-Turkish conflict. 

The Kurdish people were against Ottoman empire for years prior to Turkey’s independence. Now since Turkey gained its independence, the Kurdish people want theres too because Kurdish people do not have the same rights in Turkey. Since the late 1970’s, the Kurdish people have wanted to have independence over their land as well and to be known as Kurdistan. I am not taking sides, just stating the little I know about this. I am sure there is more to it but I am only giving you a short synopsis. 

BUT when it all comes down to it everyone hates Daesh more than anything. 

US state department spokesman John Kirby said, “We don’t want to see them fighting each other, we want to see everybody in the coalition… focus our efforts on Daesh.” 

For now, the Kurdish people and the Turkish government have agreed to fight in the coalition against Daesh with a ceasefire. Unfortunately, since Turkey sees the Kurdish militia as terrorists, it is presumed the Kurds and Turks will be back against each other after the coalition. 

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  1. well…it is an idea of the caliphate in the forefront here. you can't kill idea. look at the puritans…they are the modern american government now, when hunted down once. i had a great conversation with three Sunnis in Phuket Thailand over lunch. they said what you are saying. i persuaded them that they and i can't judge what we would do under these horrific and genocidal circumnstances. should the Jews have fought, or just surrendered like they did? big question. some jews did, most did not. nope, these are the crusades and france and the US are the biggest perps here and have been since the Balfour Declaration and even before that. sorry, “judge not, lest ye be judged.” hardly anyone said it better. you and i have not walked in the moccasins of a person who has seen their family been blown up. islam provides the model, though we can all admit that it forbids this kind of torment of others as we see in IS. guess what though? as you may recall from religion class, christianity doesn't hold to that either in theory. in practice, the US air force is famously fundamentalist protestants…the most violent religion in history, though maybe a runner-up with the catholics. I would put classical Israelite judaism in the first place of violence, the “christians” next and would rank the Muslims third most violent. of course, you know my favorites! the Jains and the Buddhists and the Daoist, with a great fondness for Confucius. i say, plague on all the abrahamic religions, but my sympathies lie now with these poor people being genocided. think about it. holy war doctrines exist in all three. don't join in this US bs. IS as an idea, has already spread all over the Islamic world and even Europe and the US now. the Islamic world has had enough and I am all with them and lament beheadings, destruction of ancient temples and statues (though that is an islamic standard), but the genocide must stop. 400,000 Syrians dead! 800000-1 million DEAD in Iraq. how many are enough? it is all about US corporate profits anyway. who cares about the US dead and insane and suicidal soldiers. that is exactly why, i find clinton as dangerous as Trump! maybe more because he will get nowhere. his buffoonery is plain to an increasing number, yet she can hardly stay 2-6 points in polls, because as a right-winger said, and i agree, “you can't trust when proven liars are ever telling the truth.” politics and strange bedfellows…him and me agree!

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