Why are Muslims Upset About MAC’s New Ramadan Ad?

Recently MAC posted a ramadan-inspired tutorial on social media titled, “Get ready for a glamorous Suhoor look in a few easy steps.” The ad was supposed to reach to it’s Muslim’s viewers.

Many Muslims took to social media, trolling the cosmetic brand because they tried to commercialize on Ramadan without doing their research about something that could have been easily avoided, with the help of a Muslim employee.

The reason Muslims brought their voices to social media is because Suhoor is the meal right before Muslims start their fast. In the United States, this is around 3:30 in the morning. This time many muslims are usually rolling out of bed to eat and drink water before dawn, then right after this meal, many people pray and go right back to sleep. My point is, in the United States, no one is trying to put on makeup for a 3 AM meal.

I am sure that they confused this with iftar, the meal you have when you break your fast. At this time there many people go out with friends, go to the masjid, or see their friends. The cosmetic brand may have targeted Muslims in the United States, with the same ad they used in the middle east.

In many countries in the middle east it is common to go out for suhoor because they do not have to get up for work or school at 8 am in the morning. This just shows how diverse Muslims are because Ramadan is not the same in no part of the world. Ramadan in the United States is far different for Muslims in the U.S. versus Muslims in the middle east. In Muslim countries, they will revolve and change the work hours in Ramadan but in Western countries, that is definitely not the case.

They could have done a campaign for Eid or Iftar but why Suhoor? This ad may work for the MAC brand in the middle east but it just makes no sense for people in the west to put on makeup at Suhoor. I think that this is a mistake that could have been easily avoided, if they would have hired an actual Muslim to work with them on the campaign that reached for the western countries.

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