Why Now Is The Perfect Time to Buy My Art

I’m a up-and-coming artist. Though I have been making art for years, since coming to the Bay Area, my art has soared. It’s not from sitting on my butt either. I’m working to get my name out there. If you believe in me and feel like the many galleries and exhibits displaying my paintings, invest in me and my work.

Most people buy art because they feel something from it, but art can also be a great investment.

Uniformity Amongst Irregularity

An aspiring art collector mentioned to me that one of my pieces, Uniformity Amongst Irregularity, reminded him of Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob. Was I offended? Absolutely not! Because they wanted to buy the piece AND they felt something from the painting you see above. Though, I know art is subjective, I look at it this way. People see different things in art, like you see different formations in the clouds. It’s all about one’s perspective.

Do you remember the episode in “the office” where Michael Scott loved one of the paintings of Pam’s so much, he saw himself in it. He bought it and displayed it in the office because he felt something AND because he believed in her.


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