Why We Should Buy From Muslim Owned Fashion Companies

I know how awesome it is that the fashion industry is starting to cater to Muslim women. However, we cannot forget about the Muslims Fashion Designers. This article is to explain why we should be buying from Muslims for real inclusiveness in the fashion world.

As stated in the “State of the Global Islamic Economy Report”, Muslims spent an estimated $243 billion on clothing in 2015. It was only expected it to reach $44 billion that year. By 2021, it is expected that Muslims will spend approximately $368 billion on clothing by 2021.‘ 

The amount of money Muslims spend on fashion is most likely why companies like Dolce & Gabanna, H&M and others have started catering to the Muslim women fashion industry as well. They want to be the ones getting the money of Muslims. Buying hijabs or Abayas from companies like this is only giving back to bigger brands, not smaller businesses and Muslim owned companies. Yes, these big companies catering to Muslim Women helps diversify the fashion industry because they are letting people see beauty in a different way by including Muslims. Though I would prefer that the women in hijab be an actual Hijabi Muslim not just a model wearing a hijab.

We also need to give our money to Muslim Fashion Designers, boutiques, and clothing stores.

I buy all of my hijabs from Muslim fashion designers or companies to help give money back to the Muslim community and to give money to smaller businesses. I do not buy hijabs from anyone else. I do not want to cater to buy designer clothes, if I can get it from a Muslim instead.

There are a couple hijab and clothing companies I would like to feature in this post:

Diamanté Scarves:

Diamanté Scarves is a hijab and scarf boutique company in California but they sell their products online. They focus on having high fashion scarves but also keep them affordable. They offer scarves that are fashionable like their chiffon or lace hijabs. 

They also have more comfortable cotton scarves, which are what I typically wear on a daily basis because Florida is hot and humid. Also, I don’t typically spend too much time styling my hijab. This is way easier.

Revert Boutique:

I want to display a company that is dear to my heart because it is a company owned by a revert. As you know, I am a revert to Islam, so supporting other reverts is important to me.

The owner and founder of this brand is Chelsea (Not in the picture above). By “Trial and error” she founded the company with the goal to help Muslim women living in the west, reverts in particular, to dress modestly. Her boutique skips the awkwardness of clothe shopping. Her company also helps with the problem of not finding anything that fits just right or covers your body the way you want.

Tuesday in Love:

Asides from having beautiful scarves, Tuesday in Love is the only company that I will get my halal nail polish from because that have done actual tests to prove they are water permeable. They are also a Muslim owned company. Other “Water permeable” nail polish companies are not owned by Muslims. The CEO of one company in particular, Orly, has said bad things about Muslims, which is why Muslimgirl.com pulled their partnership with them.


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