Why Won’t You Marry A Divorced Woman?

I want to talk about the problem of men not wanting to marry divorced women or their families not allowing it. There are many divorced women. It is not easy or sometimes even possible for some Muslim Women to remarry after divorce.
 Quran At a Wedding
As ignorant as it may sound, some people do not even know that marrying a divorced person is Halal. Not wanting to marry a divorced woman is purely cultural. It is not Islamic, 1%. I actually just read a question on a forum where someone asked, “Can I marry a divorced woman with three kids?”

In a Hadith from Al-Bukhari and Muslim states, “A woman is married for four things: her wealth, who her family is, her beauty, and/or for her piety. Select the pious, may you be blessed!” Nowhere does it say a woman should not be married for her previous marriage(s).

There should be no reason for a man to not want to marry a divorced woman. Even ones with kids. It is not shameful. Divorce is not a sin. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did marry widows or people who were previously married. What many Muslims seem to forget is that Prophet Muhammad himself married Zainab (Daughter of Jahsh), a divorced woman. All of the wives he had throughout his life were previously married besides Aisha. 

In addition, Prophet Muhammad was a virgin when he married his first wife, Khadijah. She was older than him, a widow two times, and not a virgin. Islam is a very practical religion and does not care if someone is divorced, a virgin, or not.

I have seen where a man has “fell in love” with a woman or wants to marry her but as soon as he finds out she is divorced, they get completely turned off, and refuse to marry her. Or I see family’s not letting their son’s marry divorced women.

If someone finds everything perfect about a woman but doesn’t want to marry them because she was previously married, do they think they are better than prophet Muhammad? You should want to strive to follow the Sunnah of prophet Mohammed. You should follow and listen to your heart, the Quran even tells us that! 

Quran 50:37: “Indeed in that is a reminder for whoever has a heart or who listens while he is present [in mind].”

There are many divorced men and women. Men can easily get married after divorce but it is not easy or sometimes even possible for some Muslim Women. That leaves many Muslim Women alone. I’m not saying that you don’t have the option to choose whomever you like or are attracted to. I am saying that you should be more open-minded. I hope this stigma that culture has ordained can change back to true Islam.

You should not let a divorce get in the way of true happiness or love.


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