Would Jesus Be Accepted As a Migrant Into The U.S. Today?

If you are a Christian and you are celebrating Christmas this year, or getting into the holiday spirit of some sort, do not forget that this is the time of year where Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, who was a migrant, brown, and a middle easterner, as was his mother. I want you to see the irony and hypocrisy of our country and its leaders.

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In these times in the U.S., the government is refusing to accept Refugees, now in particular, Syrian refugees or the caravan of migrants trying to seek refuge, legally, into the United States. Jesus himself was a migrant seeking refuge.

My question is, would Jesus or Mary be accepted in the U.S. right now?

This is the time of year when Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus, born from Mary. (Not to mention, Muslims also believe Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary as well.)  Christmas is the is also the time of year where Christians celebrate middle easterners and dress similar to them when portraying Jesus and Mary.


At churches they have plays, showing the biblical story of the birth of Jesus, to the whole church. I used to be christian, so as a child I had portrayed the virgin Mary several times in the Christmas plays. I wore, what today is similar to what some Muslim women wear, an abaya (a long loose dress) and hijab (a scarf a women wears over the head). When I acted in those plays, everyone was dressed like some of today’s modern day Muslims and other middle easterners.
I want you to take a look at the next nativity scene that you see. What do the people look like to you? This time of year, we see nativity scenes at churches or in Christian’s yards, where the statues, look like Middle-Easterners, dressed in thobes (long sleeve and long dress shirt) and wear keffiyehs (Arab/Muslim Men scarves they wear on their heads). The people being displayed at the nativity scenes are not anglo-saxon European people, they are arabs, brown, and middle easterners.
From the outside looking in, it looks to me like Christians are celebrating Muslims, immigrants, and middle easterners. You are celebrating brown people. Jesus was not a white blue-eyed European but someone who was brown and spoke, Aramaic, a language similar to Arabic.
To the xenophobes, Islamophobes, and racists that hate and are scared of brown people. Or to the people who do not like how Muslims dress and think women are oppressed by dressing modest, why do they have Mary dress the traditional wearing a scarf and loose fitting dress in the plays? Why do they portray Mary in a hijab/veil? Why do Christians not judge Mary for wearing hijab but they criticize Muslims like me?  I wear the hijab/veil because I want to be more like Mary. In my eyes and all other Muslims, she was one of the most amazing woman to ever walk this Earth.
In reality, Jesus would not be someone our government would not accept into the U.S. Jesus himself was a migrant and seeking refuge, Moses was a migrant, abraham was a migrant. Especially at this time of year, it would be hypocritical as a Christian to not accept refugees. Faith aside, would it not be one’s duty, as a leader of faith or no faith at all, or just as a human, to protect and accept migrants?

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