Getting Ready For Ramadan and Building Up Your Faith With With Modefa

Are you looking to getting into the Ramadan spirit by decorating your home? Is your Iman (faith) feeling low?

Surrounding yourself with things that remind you about Islam and Allah can really help your faith. This article is going to be about Modefa, a family-owned small business with big dreams, in Texas. Their goal is to bring quality, affordable Islamic products to Muslims in the United States and around the world. Modefa has beautiful prayer rugs, Islamic decorative items for your home (modern and traditional), hijabs, and many more things. Click here to go to their website!

Who is behind the Modefa company?

Ilyas and Tara Cetinkaya are the founders and co-owners of Modefa. Ilyas is a Turkish-American who is happy to be able to share products from his native country; Tara is an American Muslim revert who admires the culture and Islamic heritage of Turkey.


How did the company start and where are they now?

The idea for Modefa came after Tara converted to Islam. As she began dressing more modestly, and eventually wearing the hijab, she realized how difficult it was to find modest clothing in the United States—let alone modest clothing that was also stylish (or even decent!). Attempts to find quality clothing, hijabs and accessories online were fraught with disappointment — not just in the lack of variety, but also poor quality and lack of professionalism among online Islamic companies. Tara and Ilyas realized that there was a void in the market that needed to be filled. With their passion, experience, and connections to Turkey, they decided that Turkish products were the perfect thing to fill that void. With the end goal of eventually carrying a full line of hijabs and modest clothing, Tara came up with the name “Modefa” as a combination of the words “Modesty” and “Fashion,” hence the tagline “Where Modesty Meets Fashion” ™

Quitting her career in social work in 2011, Tara decided to focus her efforts on building Modefa, starting as a home-based business. From there Modefa has grown every year, increasing in size and variety of products offered. In December 2016 Modefa moved into its first official office/ warehouse, which was quickly outgrown. In June 2019, Modefa moved to a larger location in Richardson Texas, which now houses a warehouse, office space, and a large and elegant showroom open to the public.

As far as products, they have so many things, it’s hard to choose!… but here are some bestsellers in different categories:


Ramadan Gift Ideas

I will start off with some of their Ramadan products because it is right around the corner. Click here to purchase!

Decor: Kaba Replicas 

Click here to purchase!


Table Decor Sets

They sent me a beautiful egg decoration with the 99 names of Allah on it, which you can see in the picture.  Both the Ayatul Kursi and Esma eggs are popular as well. Click here to purchase! 


Prayer Rugs

Below is a slideshow of some of their bestselling prayers rugs. Click on the links to purchase them. 

Luxury White Velvet Prayer Rug

Plush Velvet Floral Mosque Blue Prayer Rug 


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