Muslims Love and Believe in Jesus?!

As I mentioned before, I am a revert to Islam. The way Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) is portrayed in Christianity is what made me second guess the religion of Christianity. From studying Christianity and Islam, I know the story of Jesus in the Quran and the Bible very well. To be a Muslim, we must believe the Quran is the word of God but we also cannot be a Muslim without accepting the Gospel or Torah either.

Muslims have all of the same Prophets as Christians. The only additional prophet we have is Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

Muslims believe in Jesus. Believe it or not. Like the Bible and the Quran states, Jesus was born of the virgin Mary. The only significant difference is Christians believe Jesus is the son of God and he was crucified. Muslims believe Jesus is only a prophet and was almost crucified. Muslims even believe Jesus will come fight for us all before the Day of Judgement.

Jesus is Not God

Some Christians believe that Jesus is God. Jesus cannot be seen as God because that would make Christianity polytheism (a religion that believes in and worships more than one God). Countless times in the Bible, it points out that Jesus tells people not worship him for he is not God or like a God. Verses like Luke 4:8, Revelation 19:10, and 22:9, just to name a few.

Jesus was created the same as Adam or any other prophet. God just says “Be and it is.”

Jesus Was Born of A Miracle Birth

I want to emphasize Jesus has a mother but no father. God has no children and God was born of no one. However, God can create whatever He wants. There are three miracle births that God created: Adam who had no father or mother, Hawwa (Eve) who was made from Adam’s rib and Jesus who had a mother but no father.

Jesus is talked about a lot in the chapter of Maryam (Mary), in the Quran, because Jesus’ mother is Mary. In the Quran, it says Jesus talked when he was in the cradle after he was just a few days old. The people of the time were accusing his mother of having a son with no father. They thought she was sinful person. He spoke to say otherwise as she was cradling him. He said “God made me a prophet, gave me a book, and peace be upon me the day I was born, the day I will die, and the day I will be resurrected.”

What did Jesus do? He Performed Miracles

Mentioned in Quran in Chapter Al-Imram (family of Mary and Jesus) verse 49, it says Jesus performed miracles, he cured the blind and, brought the dead to life. This is something Christians also believe. The Quran also states Jesus was given the laws of God and the gospel.

Life of Jesus in The Quran

Chapter Al – Ma’ida verse 46,, Jesus affirmed the Torah and the Gospels. In chapter Maryam verses 29-33 it states, God commanded Jesus to pray and give charity throughout his life. In Quran Chapter Al – Ma’ida verses 112-115, God blessed Jesus with a table full of food from the sky. You also find this discussed in the Bible. In the Bible, this meal is known as the last supper. Also in several chapters of Quran and the Bible it mentions Jesus had disciples, that were his religious companions.

Jesus was Almost Crucified

In the Quran Chapter An -Nisa verse157, it points out that Jesus was not crucified, as Christians believe. God would never let a prophet of his die in such a humiliating way, especially if it was His son. Historically, people who were crucified were the worst type of people. I really doubt that God would let that happen to His son or a prophet. Muslims believe Jesus was raised to God and Judah – Judas (Yahooda) was the one who was crucified. This is because Judah betrayed Jesus and crucifixion was only for the worst of people. Allah made Judah look exactly like Jesus, so no one would confuse them. Even in the Bible it says Judah betrayed Jesus but it does not say Judah was crucified in his place.

The Time Before the Day of Judgment

Christians and Jews also believe, Jesus or the Messiah will come to Earth before the Day of Judgment and fight the anti-Christ (al-maseeha al-dajjal). According to Islamic prophecy, (Quran and Hadiths), when Jesus comes back to Earth, he will descend at the white minaret(a pillar tower on mosques), in the eastern side of Damascus, wearing two garments lightly dyed with saffron. He will have his hands placed on the wings of two Angels on his descent from the sky. When Jesus lowers his head, you will see beads of sweat/ perspiration fall from it. These beads will appear to be like pearls.


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