Senate Overides 9/11 Bill President Obama Veteod

There was a bill going around Congress, known as JASTA, that would allow people in the United States to sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11. However, this bill would also allow people to sue us. President Barack Obama vetoed that bill on Friday, September 24th.

The president can override any bill he sees fit BUT Many people forget that vetos can be overridden as well.

The Senate were despondent with his veto, so they overruled it today, September 28th,2016. The vote was won by a landslide, with a bipartisan majority being 97 to 1 votes.

Congress also overrode the veto as well. 

Major allies of Obama in the Senate and the House are going against Obama’s judgement. Most of the people are voting against Obama because they were either effected by this somehow or know someone who was.

This includes the senator from New York who wants people to get justice for what happened on 9/11.

Obama had his reasoning for why he vetoed this bill. He stated, “Enacting JASTA into law … would neither protect Americans from terrorists attacks nor improve the effectiveness of our response to such attacks. Doing so would instead threaten to erode sovereign principles that protect the United States, including our U.S. Armed Forces and other officials, overseas…That is why I vetoed the bill and why I believe you should vote to sustain the veto.”

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