Converting to Islam for Love? Here’s words from a Muslim Convert of Why You Shouldn’t. Article By: Ameerah Nahal

Though I, Kaya, do not care a women’s reason for converting to Islam. If you are Muslim, you are Muslim. If you are not, if you are not. It is none of my business. However, I would not personally convert for a man because I love God more than anything on this earth and the ridicule I face by my family and society is not worth any man’s love. However, I do know some women who have converted for a man have turned out to be better people and Muslims then their husbands. I also want to mention, I know a couple Muslim men whose wives are Christian or Jewish and they are still nice and practicing Muslims. Today I will be posting an article by Ameerah Nahal, a Latina Muslim, from Chicago, with a piquant personality, This is in her own words and offers some good information of the subject, if you are contemplating converting to Islam or any religion for a man.

“Okay, I’ll get shot for this but whatever….
Ladies, do not convert for the sake of man… 

1. Muslim men can marry Christian or Jewish women. So if you’re catholic or some kind of Christian, remain as is, unless Islam TRULY interests you (without factoring in that ‘man’). 

2. Converting for the sake of “love” is dumb. If he loved you, he’d be fearful of Allah (God in Arabic) first. He knows the protocol. You probably don’t know it, so if he truly loved you, he’ll tell you the truth. 

3. Should you convert due to your in laws bugging you — I suggest doing your homework on Islam first. Just a touch.

4. The catch of what happens if you marry a born Muslim but don’t convert: your kids become Muslim. It will be between you and hubby on whether to incorporate your faith into their upbringing or not. If he’s 100% against sharing your beliefs with the kids, I suggest re-evaluating the situation in contrast to your personal values. 

5. If you guys are “dating”, this is a red flag that he is not practicing. Non-practicing Muslim men, more times then not, especially if they grew up in a conservative family, are players. He knows he can act in the ways that he wants without the rules Muslims usually follow when it comes to marriage. Muslim girls will tell this type of guy you are dating either, “talk to my wali/father” or just deny him.

6. Should you convert for a man, your reward into Islam is null. Because to be a Muslim, you have to believe in your heart that God is the one and only God and Mohamed PBUH is his prophet. So, after converting, if you do want to learn more about Islam, more than likely you’re gonna turn to him for guidance. This isn’t okay because more than likely he’s not versed in his deen (religion) either and you will grow resentful. Islam is beautiful when u look into it for what it is, without the man involved. 

If he is a good Muslim, he will help you by providing sources to ensure success should, you accept Islam on your own accord and not for a man. Some people found Islam via a man but walked out a better Muslim whether the man stuck around or they left. 

But I advise, don’t do it if it is not in your life itinerary.

-Ameerah Nahal “


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