Muslims Being Compared to Terrorists

Think of how many people there are in the world. Then think of how every single one of those people are different. Not all Hindus are the exact same person. Not all Christians are the exact same person. You cannot compare a whole group to one individual. That is pure ignorance. So, how are all Muslims counted as one person? 

How many Muslims there are in the world? Do you really think every Muslim is the same? There are 1.6 billion Muslims. Think about that. It is impossible for every one of us to be alike.

So, the next time someone compares all Muslims to being terrorists, think again. If a small minority, like DAESH-ISIS, says they are Muslim when they perform their bad acts, they are not like me and there is a 99.99999% chance they are not like any other Muslim.

In the Quran, it says “killing one innocent person is like killing all of mankind.” You cannot just run around killing whomever you want. There are consequences to killing innocent people. No religion would allow the killing of innocent people. A person cannot play God and decide what is right and wrong. ISIS has no reason to justify what they do by my faith. I promise you if a member of ISIS actually read the Quran, they would not be like they are.

There are Christians groups, like the KKK, who are bad people and a terrorist organization. So, should I assume all Christians are bad and that all Christians are racist? Of course I do not because I am smarter than that. Anyone should be smarter than that. You should be smart enough not to believe everything you see in the media. I know watching TV is easier than reading a book but maybe you should try it.

I guarantee, if anyone sat down and had a conversation with a Muslim, they would change their idea about Islam without even talking about the religion. It would change your perspective. It would make you think, “Hey, not all Muslims are bad, Muslims are pretty peaceful.” Muslims are just like the rest of Americans. Trying to live with freedom, trying to take care of their kids, go to school, and start a family. We are not different or evil.


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